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Open House Tips

The Best Open House Tips from the Real Estate Experts at RE/MAX Auction House

Real Estate Marketing / July 19, 2021

An open house is a fantastic tool for getting your listing in front of potential buyers. That said, an open house can be a flop if you don’t adequately prepare your space. Read our top open house tips for preparing your home for sale below!


A cluttered space with personal belongings everywhere is not ideal for home buyers. It can make the place feel cramped and chaotic. It also makes it extremely difficult for buyers to be able to easily see how their own possessions could work in the home. Additionally, a lot of clutter could also make buyers think the owners don’t take good care of or maintain the house, and people prefer a clean slate.

If you’re living in the home:

  • Make use of your storage spaces
  • Get rid of unnecessary clutter or put it in storage
  • Dust and tidy

If you’re not living in the home:

  • An empty house is great for an open house. Make sure there are no random objects strewn about, like tools or cleaning supplies.

Cleanliness & Safety

You of course want to make sure that all surfaces and floors are clean and free of dirt and dust. One aspect to focus on with cleanliness is smell. It’s easy to not notice odors if you’re around them all the time, but smells from pets, dirty clothes, and other types of odors can really stand out to buyers during an open house. 

  • Open windows to circumvent fresh air throughout the home
  • Clean soft surfaces that trap odors, like carpets, bedding, and pillows
  • Get rid of pet odors
  • Make sure dirty laundry is done and/or out of sight
  • Use natural odor absorbers like baking soda or charcoal
  • Don’t try to heavily mask a smell with a ton of air fresheners. This can be off putting and may disturb those with allergies

For safety, make sure there is nothing in the home that could be unsafe for others. This includes something like a bad piece of wood on a porch step. The RE/MAX Auction House team can help you detect potential safety concerns during your property assessment.

De-personalize your home

For those who are more sentimental, this can be a difficult step, but it is necessary. You want to de-personalize the home so buyers can see themselves in the space easier. Though you may love showing these items to friends and family, buyers are there to get to know the house, not you!

Types of personal items to put away:

  • Personal photos 
  • Calendars and agenda boards
  • Personal hobby, religious, or political objects
  • Memorabilia or collections
  • Children’s toys

Items that you can use to “neutralize” your space:

  • Plants
  • Neutral art
  • Furniture covers to cover “loud” patterns
  • Simple decorative objects like vases or bookends

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While you want to get rid of objects that are personal to you, it’s a good idea to keep the home looking cozy and lived in. Rearranging some of your decor using neutral items you already have can help the space still look put together.

Reach out to RE/MAX Auction House to learn more open house tips!

Our team is passionate about real estate, so much so that we’re licensed in both Kansas and Missouri to serve the greater Kansas City region. Contact us online or by phone at 816.741.0123 (office) or 816.694.7267 (cell) to learn more about open house tips and other seller resources with RE/MAX Auction House.

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