Buying a House at Auction in Kansas City


When buying a house at auction with RE/MAX Auction House in Kansas City, you bid with confidence, unlike traditional listing methods.

When using online auction to buy or sell, you have much more knowledge of information surrounding the purchase of any given property, including the price point of other bids in the auction. You’re empowered as a buyer by being aware that your bid is competitive. 



Register To Bid

Before you bid on a property, you must first register for the selected property auction. If inspection is required, it is complete prior to the auction.

After registering to bid, there is a pre-auction window. If you need time to line up financing, no problem! You have the entire auction timeline to secure financing before bidding.


Bid on a Listing You Love

Once you’re registered for the listing’s auction and the auction timeline starts, you can bid on the property. You receive the benefit of full transparency throughout the entire online auction process in exchange for a 10% buyer’s premium. Bid confidently against other bids, or easily bow out if the price goes beyond your scope.

You also have the convenience of bidding remotely, which makes buying property out of your area much easier. Buyers also save time and energy by immediate notice if your offer wins the sale once the auction ends.


Complete Your Purchase

Once your bid wins the sale, there are no unexpected bumps to complete the buying process.

Our efficient system works for buyers across the greater Kansas City area to make the experience of buying a house at auction more streamlined. The finalizing process isn’t a significant amount of time compared to a traditional purchase.

Buyer Benefits

There are many benefits to buying a house at auction, including:

  • Transparency; you bid with confidence
  • Convenience; streamlined process
  • Save your time and energy; fixed timeline
  • Flexibility; bid and buy remotely
  • Control; you choose what prices are no longer acceptable

Traditional Listing Method

Submit offers in the dark without competition knowledge
More friction throughout the process
Unpredictable timeline
Newly-available listing information demands quick decisions
Multiple in-person viewings in many homes

Purchasing with RE/MAX Auction House

Transparent competition and price point of all other bids in the auction
Easy process with straightforward procedures
The timeline is fixed for each listing
Listing information is available in advance and doesn’t set the pace of the decision process
Everything can be viewed remotely; option to view in-person

Get professional insight by using our Complimentary Property Assessment.

Use our Complimentary Property Assessment tool to understand your buying power for purchasing a house at auction.

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