Selling my House at Auction in Kansas City


Selling your house at auction has many benefits, including a stable timeline, more visibility, and potential for a higher selling price.

More than ever before, online transactions are simple and efficient.


Meet With RE/MAX Auction House

After contacting RE/MAX Auction House, you will meet with one of our real estate professionals in the Kansas City area to guide you through the process of selling your home or property through our online auction system.

We will be with you every step of the way to make sure your experience is efficient and successful.


List Your Property for Auction

As a RE/MAX affiliate, your listing will have RE/MAX’s top-of-the-line marketing exposure.

RE/MAX Auction House will construct a marketing strategy specific to your property that includes high-quality photography and detailed listing information. Some advantages include: no seller commissions, limited to no showings, and fewer complications when selling your house at auction.


Auction is Finalized

Our goal is that your home will reach its top market potential.

Our process allows many people to view your property and compete over the price during the listing’s fixed timeline. We specialize in dispersing your listing to all the most trafficked online real estate websites.

Seller Benefits

Selling your property online at auction has many financial benefits, including:

  • Seller does not pay the listing commission fee
  • Less risk of inspection complications
  • Prices can go higher with bidding competition
  • Fixed, stable selling timeline
  • Auction platform handles multiple offers for you
  • Less stressful and time consuming process

Traditional Listing Method

Seller pays commission to listing agent
Subject to inspection for the sale
Buyers unaware of other offers; non-competitive offers
Unpredictable timeline and pacing
Emotionally taxing over a period of time

Listing with RE/MAX Auction House

Seller pays no commission to listing agent
Most listing inspections are complete and available before the buyer bids
Increased awareness and competition among buyers; can lead to higher sale price
Timeline is fixed; pacing is set; process moves quickly at the end
Auction process maintains objectivity by handling offers for you

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