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Agents & Brokers

Agents and brokers can greatly benefit from referring to RE/MAX Auction House.

If you have a sale outside your wheelhouse, or a listing that isn’t doing well on the traditional market, real estate auctions near you are a great tool. A real estate auction can produce better results than the traditional selling process in many contexts.


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Reach out to us if you’re interested in working with RE/MAX Auction House in Kansas City to make a listing a success for your client.

Whatever your reason for referring us, our team is here to support you in the process of selling through online real estate auction to ensure profitability and a happy client.


Refer Us

When you refer your client, you will receive up to 3% commission from the sale to be paid to you from your brokerage.

RE/MAX Auction House handles all marketing, listing information, and other relevant tasks.


Have a Happy Client

Your client will be glad to have worked with you to become a seller through RE/MAX Auction House. Our approach is transparent for everyone involved to receive optimal results.

As an agent or broker, you make commission, buyers are happy with the transparent process, and sellers can sell their property at market value or higher without traditional listing roadblocks.

Agent and Broker Benefits

There are substantial agent and broker benefits by referring RE/MAX Auction House, including:

  • Commission from the real estate auction (up to 3%)
  • Streamlined communication
  • No costly marketing expenses

Traditional Listing Method

Listing could become "stale" on the market
Sellers are overwhelmed with 
multiple offers
A lot of marketing and firsthand involvement
Property inspection issues could impact the sale.

RE/MAX Auction 

Listing timeline is appropriately established and fixed
Auction bidding system objectively handles multiple offers
RE/MAX Auction House completes all marketing and facilitation of the sale
If an inspection exists, it is provided and doesn’t compromise the sale

Get professional insight by using our Complimentary Property Assessment.

Learn the real estate auction value of your client’s property through our Complimentary Property Assessment.

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